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Savasaachi Marketing Agency is seeking talented professionals for various positions. Join our dynamic team and contribute to innovative marketing campaigns. Apply now!

Savasaachi is seeking an Ads Manager to lead digital advertising campaigns. Key skills include digital ad expertise, data analysis, creative strategy, budget management, and client communication. 

Savasaachi is hiring an SEO Manager to boost our online presence. You’ll need SEO expertise, data analysis skills, and a talent for staying ahead of industry trends. Join us and lead SEO strategies for success. 

Multimedia Producer, Manipulates raw footage, edits and assembles videos, enhances the quality and adds graphics. Collaborates with the team to create engaging content.

Creates visual concepts, designs layouts, collaborates with team, uses software, attention to detail, meets deadlines, incorporates feedback, stays updated on trends.

Create visually appealing and user-friendly websites by designing layouts, graphics, and interactive elements. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and graphic design software. Attention to detail and understanding of UX/UI principles required.

The Business Development Manager is responsible for identifying, pursuing, and capitalising on new business opportunities, building and maintaining client relationships, and driving revenue growth for the company.

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